Transforming service contracting

Servana makes purchased services contracting easier with a cloud-based platform that provides access and visibility into service agreements.

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We look beyond the contract to ensure you get the best value

Connect with vendors, contracts and market intelligence to reveal savings in your outsourced or third party service agreements.

Standardize the contracting process

Manage and track all agreements in one place

Gain visibility into spend

Benchmark internal and external category-specific costs

Accelerate the RFP process

Find savings in your invoices

Controlling costs is critical to the bottom line for any business. Healthcare is becoming increasingly complex and costly. Industry experts estimate hospitals overspend $39 billion each year on purchased services and these agreements can account for up to 40-50% of non-labor spend.

Healthcare isn’t the only industry struggling with purchased service agreements

We can help improve sourcing efficiency and revenue for any organization, large or small. Our solution enables your team to initiate, manage and track all kinds of service agreements from lawn maintenance to event planning to janitorial services. It’s flexible and scalable to meet the needs of any business struggling with decentralized decision-making, inexperienced procurement staff or limited access to benchmarking data. Save time finding and evaluating the best vendor using our interactive platform.

Lawn Maintenance

Event Planning

Janitorial Services

Many more services

Increase your numbers

Are you a vendor who wants to be seen by the right buyers?