Quickly find the right service provider

Does simplified contracting really exist? We think so. Using the Servana web-based platform to initiate, manage and track all of your service agreements in one place, you can select the balance of cost, quality and service you desire through a simple bid process that you control. You’ll gain complete transparency and visibility of your purchased services category spend across all departments and key features like expiration alerts and reminders help you stay on top of important deadlines.

Confirm you are paying the best market price

Don’t let unrelenting pressure on margins or insufficient bandwidth stand in your way of getting the best value. With exposure to service providers you may not have seen before, advanced analytics to analyze bids with service line specific metrics and support of GPO contracts, you will have the data you need to increase competition and drive transparency in your service agreement contracting process. If you have a high volume of contracts and limited in-house expertise to negotiate the best rate, you’ll benefit from an online solution that walks you step by step through the process and does the hard work for you.

Analyze costs, then benchmark yourself

You can spend hours mining AP data to look at line item analysis to find significant opportunities for cost savings due to pricing errors or off-contract spend. When you migrate to the Servana platform, you have the ability to analyze purchased services trends for all of your complex sourcing initiatives and track these costs in real time to deliver actionable intelligence. Advanced analytics enable you to analyze bids with service line specific metrics and benchmarks with the ability to select peer groups:

By size

By spend

By geography

Within own system and/or with external peers

Within own market segment and/or against other market segments